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  • IoT – Changing the Business - IoT – The Internet of Things isn´t a technical revolution. However, IoT will fundamentally change business. New companies will emerge and acquaintances will disappear. A new era of business begins. IoT – The world of sensors IoT is a synonym for a wide range of topics. Intelligent household appliances, Industrial 4.0, Robotic, Smart Cities, Big … Continue reading IoT – Changing the Business
  • The Holodeck and Systemic Coaching - The holodeck – a facility on Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager. 3D holograms are generated on this deck. The crews can enter the projections and interact with the holograms. They use this equipment for trainings, simulations, reflection of special situations and for recreation too. Yes, these are just TV series. However, the … Continue reading The Holodeck and Systemic Coaching