IoT – Changing the Business

IoT – The Internet of Things isn´t a technical revolution. However, IoT will fundamentally change business. New companies will emerge and acquaintances will disappear. A new era of business begins.

IoT – The world of sensors

IoT is a synonym for a wide range of topics. Intelligent household appliances, Industrial 4.0, Robotic, Smart Cities, Big Data, gadget on the wrist, face and speech detection and much more are summarized under this term.

IoT is the connection between data processing and the real world using sensors, cameras, microphones and GPS receivers.

IoT – Change of the business world

There are some similarities between IoT and the emergence of smartphones. Calls and SMS are only a small part of the usage. Everyone uses apps for navigation, messaging, taking pictures, accessing the Internet, consuming music and videos, and much more.

IoT offers tools for new business ideas via sensors, cameras, microphones and GPS receivers. Automatic maintenance of machines, 3D-printing, augmented reality, rental of vehicles, monitoring of buildings, drones and much more are thereby possible.

Similar to our smartphones, IoT provides the foundation for a major change in the business world. UBER and AirBnB are only well-known companies, which are changing the market through these new possibilities.

Conclusion: IoT is not a new technology. IoT provides tools for fundamental changes of the business world. The following articles will provide overviews at some topics and offers ideas for their use within current business.

The Holodeck and Systemic Coaching

The holodeck – a facility on Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager. 3D holograms are generated on this deck. The crews can enter the projections and interact with the holograms. They use this equipment for trainings, simulations, reflection of special situations and for recreation too. Yes, these are just TV series. However, the idea of such a facility is great.

Systemic Coaching works in a similar way. You can simulate situation, work on solutions and reflect previous settings. Develop a future decision and much more is possible with Systemic Coaching.

If you have a holodeck use it – and let me know about it. If you don’t have a holodeck try Systemic Coaching …